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Even the biggest success Starts with a first step

About Us

Oscar Medical Foundation and Research Centre is registered under the general Societies Act, 1860 on 12th May, 2010 and registered under Bombay Trust Act, 1950 on 29th October, 2011 with a view to establish Medical Activities such as to run Multispecialty Hospital equipped with Latest & Advanced technology. To run the Institution giving medical education and undertaking research. To hold Eye, Orthopedics and related medical treatment Camps, to make available the basic Medical facilities of health to poor people.

There has been a paradigm shift in nature of medical service from a primary care to tertiary care from reactive approach to proactive approach from “human touch” to “high tech”. The fast changing income bracket of the population have made them aware that sophisticated and advanced technology as well as skilled professional services are costlier. Hence our mission is to balance with lower, middle class & poor people who could not avail such medical treatment

Now the promoters of the Trust have conceived an idea to develop general Hospital which is affordable to Middle and Lower Class People with all the facilities for treating all kinds of services along with Diagnostic Clinical and ambulatory services. There are already existing hospitals with all such facilities, but which are not reachable to remote areas or Middle Lower class community. With increasing population, literacy and companied economic reforms, the way of life is changing and people besides other things are in search of quality and courteous medical treatment.

People are becoming health conscious and are increasingly opting for medical treatment, medical checkup, immunization, personal hygiene, nutrition, seeking early medical care, which reveals a change in the way of life. This hospital thus, will be committed in providing judicious mix of high quality diagnostic, clinical and ambulatory services for lower class of community. A sophisticated hospital with medical surgical and diagnostic services for super and tertiary care specialty is required.

The services will be offered coupled with features which appeal to the elected segments and help in achieving product differentiation in care and quality compared with the existing hospital for middle and lower class community. The project will approach to healthcare delivery where the services will be planed and built accordingly.

It will allow adequate and efficient use of space, appropriate planning of services and increased productivity of manpower through proper functional planning. It will introduce and expand on modern diagnostic facilities and improvise the medical, surgical and nursing care. The project will be on providing different services under one roof by promoting centralized integrated services, latest professional skills and medical technology and focus should be to avoid the commenting of patient from place to place on account of partial treatment or lack of specialized skill and equipment to all class of community.

As promoters of the trust have decided to start the state of art hospital with all possible infrastructure and facilities to the common & poor people . The project shall be handed over to the excellent team of Management having vast experience in the field of Medical.


Our NGO is registered with the sole objects

  To provide basic healthcare facilities to Children, Women & old age People.

  To play a key role in providing basic health care facilites to the people.



  The aim of the Trust to relieve people suffering from disease or ill health.

  Providing facilities and services specially for super specialties like Orthopedic, Neurology, Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Nephrology, Urology
        and Laparoscopic surgery etc.

  Providing state of art equipments/facilities to enable the doctors who are trained in our country to utilize their skills and expertise for the
        benefit of our society.